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aluminum spur- Type of cockfight similar to postiza, but using aluminum.

baby stag- a rooster under 1 year old.

balentia (Chamoru Word) - An endurance match between two fighting birds
until death, without any weapon such as a knife or gaff.

bantam- a full grown fowl under 4 pounds

banty- a slang term for bantam, full grown fowl under 4 pounds.

battle cock- a rooster 2 years old or over used for cockfighting.

battle royal- when more than two cocks are pitted for fighting at one time. The bird that stays standing the longest is the victor.

battle stag- a rooster under 2 years old used for cockfighting.

bitaw - in filipino it means the sparring of 2 cocks sometine with gloves it is a means of training your cocks;letting go of the cocks to fight.

Blinker- a rooster who is blind in one eye.

bola- a female bolo.

bolo- a Hispanic breed of gamefowl, this breed has no tail whatsoever. It is a natural characteristic, and fowls are born tail-less.

botana- a Mexican term for "Knife boot." It is the boot used when tying the Mexican Short-Knife.

Boxing glove- A name for sparring muffs.

Breed- A variety of fowl with certain characteristics which separate it from other fowls.

brood cock- a rooster 2 or more years old used strictly for breeding.

brood fowl- fowl used strictly for breeding.

brood hen- a hen 2 or more years old used strictly for breeding.

brood pen- a pen used to hold and contain brood fowl in order to breed them.

brood pullet- a hen under 2 years old used strictly for breeding.

brood stag- a rooster under two years old used strictly for breeding.

Bubblefoot- A condition to the feet. From a bird being on hard ground, like a stone bruise.

cock- a rooster two years old or over.

Cock of the game- A gamecock.

Cock-bag- A bag used for moving gamecocks to and from a cockpit. It is no longer used, but was usually used in England. Poor cockers use linen, while rich cockers used velvet.

cocker- a promoter, attender, or fan of cockfighting. Also can refer to someone who engages in cockfights through handling, breeding, or conditioning.

cockerel- a rooster under 5 months old.

cockfighter- a person that engages in cockfights.

Cocking- The Sport of Cockfighting, called a sick activity by some, or a royal pastime by others.

cockfighting- pitting two or more roosters, usually in a cockpit with artificial spurs. However, sometimes cockfights do not take place in cockpits and/or with artificial spurs.

Cock-match- A cockfight.

cockpit- an enclosure used for cockfights. The handlers, referee, and gamecocks are in this enclosure during a cockfight. Most cockpits are round or square.

conditioning- the art and science of putting roosters into proper fighting condition.

Cross breeding- Breeding two fowls of a different breed together. Usually this is to produce battle cocks or stags.

culling- killing inferior fowl in order to improve the flock's health and quality.

cupple - When a rooster has taken a blow to the neck or back making him unable to stand or walk.

delouse- to treat a fowl for mites, lice, ticks, and/or external parasites.

Devonshire Main- A cockfight where cocks are matched in pairs according to weight. Usually it starts at four pounds and each pair of cocks after the ones that weigh four pounds weighs on additional ounce. Usually it follows through to five pounds.

dub- to use a scissors, dubbing shear, or other such cutting tool to remove the comb and/or wattle off of a gamecock.

Dubbing shears- a special scissor manufactured for the trimming of the comb and/or wattles.

Dunghill- a fowl of non-game breed which is not bred or used for fighting. This term can also refer to a cock of the game breed which is useless in breeding or fighting. Sometimes refers to hens that areuseless in breeding for cockfights.

Exhibition Gamefowl- fowl used for exhibiting in gamefowl shows. Usually refers to Old English Gamefowl, but sometimes refers to Pit Games.

Feeder- One who feeds and conditions cocks for fighting.

fight- a cockfight, used casually.

fowl- chickens collectively, it refers to both sexes, and sometimes means gamefowl.

gaff- a needle-like weapon used during a gaff cockfight. One gaff is fixed on each spur of the cock. Gaffs range in size.

gaff cockfight- a cockfight using gaffs. Usually gaff cockfights are longer than knife fights. Gaff cockfights require gamer cocks.

game- bravery in a fowl.

game pit- another word for cockpit. Sometimes it refers to the building in which cockpits are located.

gamecock- a rooster of fighting breed, refers to both stags and cocks.

gamefowl- fowls used for fighting or show purposes.

gamehen- a hen of fighting breed, refers to both pullets and hens.

glasher- a rooster used for long-knife fighting.

Hackle- The feather located on the neck of a chicken. Often called the cape.

Handler- A person who handles cocks in a cockfight.

Heeler- A person who is an expert at affixing the heels onto a fighting cock. Also refers to a cock who has extreme power.

hennie cocks- a rooster that resembles a hen.

hennies- breeds of fowl whose male members resemble females.

heel- a weapon fixed to a cock or stag's spur, the heel is used in a cockfight.

heeling- the placing of a cockfighting weapon on a gamecock's spur. It is sometimes referred to as an art.

Inbreeding- Breeding together closely related fowls. For example a brother and sister.

Itim - a Filipino term for black.

kristo - in filipino it is the person who places the bets for you, one who helps in dealing for the bets that you want

keep- a certain method of conditioning gamecocks for fighting. Many cockfighters have their own personal keep. Sometimes this refers to a book, booklet, or pamphlet that describes a cockfighter's method for conditioning.

Limpio - To describe a fighting bird that won and didn't get cut in battle.

Line-breeding- The name given to a certain form of inbreeding where fowls are bred together to keep fowl relatively pure.

llamado - the favorite cock, with higher bet usually, while dehado is the opposite of it.

logro - in filipino it means you are willing to let your money to win a fraction smaller in order that your bets be placed if you say in filipino ( walo diyes ) or 8/10 ratioe.g. your capital is 100 dollar if you win you will earn 80 dollars. (walo onse) eight to 11 (8/110) ratio. if you say sampu anim (10 is to 6) your 100$ will only win 60$ ; ( doblado) it means double your money bet.

long-knife- a weapon used during a long-knife cockfight. It is usually 3 inches long, tied on the left foot. This knife is very deadly and sharp. Long-Knives are known as Slashers by Filipinos and it is a popular Filipino style of cockfighting.

long-knife cockfight- a cockfight using a long-knife, these fights require smart and/or high breaking roosters. Long-Knife fights are rather quick.

Lunged- When a cock is stuck in the lung by a heel or spur.

Meron - a Filipino term for llamado or the party of a higher bet, the
opposite is called Wala.

moulting- the time when fowl drop their feathers and grow new ones in their place. Fowl are not mentally or physically stable at this time and should not be fought or even touched unless necessary.

Manok - Chicken in filipino

muff- a cluster of feather resembling a beard under a fowl's beak. Also refers to fighting a stag or cock with sparring muffs covering their natural spurs.

muffs- Breeds of gamefowl whose members have what appear to be beards of feathers. Both hens and roosters will have this cluster of feathers. Also refers to sparring fowl with sparring muffs covering their natural spurs.

naked heel- a style of cockfighting in which involves no use of any artificial heel.

Outbreeding- Breeding in new blood of the same breed.

Pinfeather- An immature feather.

pit- another term for cockpit, also refers to the placing of cocks down onto the cockpit floor in order to allow the cocks to fight.

pit aid- a medicine, formula, shot, or other such product designed to enhance a cocks fighting performance.

postiza- a plastic gaff-like cockfighting weapon used during the style of cockfighting known as "Postiza." Postiza cockfighting is popular in the West Indies, in countries such as Puerto Rico. Postiza requires Spanish, Bolo, Cuban or Henny gamefowl because of the need to have cocks that hit to the head with hard, snappy blows.

Pula - a Filipino term for red.

pusta - in english bet

Puti - a Filipino term for white.

Rattle- Noise that a rooster makes after taking a blow to the lungs.

Red Jungle Fowl- the original fowl from which all chickens derive.

Rye neck- When a bird takes a hit to the neck, making his neck roll back or turn around.

Sabong- Filipino term for cockfight.

sabungan - cockpit

Saddle- The feathers draping on the left and right side of the back of the fowl near the tail.

Shake- A cock that cannot be matched because of itís large size. Usually over 6 pounds.

short-knife- a weapon mainly used by Mexicans and other Hispanics in short-knife cockfights. It is shorter than a long-knife, ranging from 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch. It is becoming popular in America.

Slasher- Another word describing a long knife.

Sota - (pronounced So-tah) a term used to describe a rooster with different colored legs, or eyes, or toes. For instance a bird might have a green leg, and a yellow leg. Or green legs with yellow toes, or different colored eyes. This term is used alot in Hawaii.

sparring- The act where roosters hit with the feet. Also refers to placing sparring muffs over a rooster's natural spur in order to select or condition him.

sparring muffs- often made of leather, sometimes red, resemble boxing gloves. They are used to condition or select fowl.

Spur- the natural bone-like material on a cock or stag's leg. It is his natural weapon.

Table Work - Physical work done to a rooster while he is up in a keep. To get him into shape for a fight.

Talisayin - a Filipino term for grey.

Tare - is a filipino term for gaf, it is made of sharp & very strong steel with variations in design, it could be a doble blade, a straight one, or it could be put in the right leg.

Toppies- breeds of fowls whose members have a cluster of feathers on their heads.

Toppy- a cluster of feathers on a fowl's head.

tupada - a cockpit done in barios remote areas, usually illegal coz dont have necessary permits.

Under Hack
-When a rooster will no longer show or fight. Will not put up his hac feahers. Sometimes due to being fought too young or when there is dunghill blood in the rooster.

wala sa lugar
- in filipino it meansd not in proper place gaffing style wherein the base of the gaf is place under the spur. it also aims to test the skill of the gaffer. a normal gaff is usually placed at the left feet of the cock & the steel gaff is leveled at the smallest toenail of the cock.

Wattle- The piece of flesh attached below the beak.

Welsh Main- A number of cocks of the same weight. They are fought in pairs, the victory going to the final contest between the two survivors of the preceding cockfights.

worm- to treat a fowl for worms.

wormer- a medicine given orally kill parasitic worms of an animal.

Wortham's Rules- Shortened term for Modern Tournament and Derby Rules. The Rules most people now use for cockfighting.


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